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Healing from the Inside Out

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Naturopathic Medicine is currently licensed in 19 states. In states with licensure those whom have graduated from 4 year accredited schools and have passed board examinations, practice as liscensed Naturopathic Doctors. Dr. Katherine Peterson N.D. of All Around Health holds a current license in the state of Colorado. She also holds an active NPI (National Provider Identification) and although she doesn't bill insurance you can always use this to submit to your insurance.  

Naturopathic Doctors are licensed as Specialty Doctors in the state of Colorado. There are certain services however that our doctors cannot provide, such as writing prescriptions. Naturopathic medicine is not a substitute for conventional medical care. It is highly recommended that you continue with your primary care physician and/or specialist.

In the best interest of clients we would hope that no matter where you decide to seek your care that you understand and know where your provider has received their training and continuing education.