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Healing from the Inside Out

Company Message

Naturopathic medicine is based on the belief that the human body has an innate healing ability. Naturopathic Doctors teach their patients to use tested and effective diet, exercise, lifestyle changes and natural therapies to enhance the body’s natural ability to ward off and combat disease.

Natural medicine is based on the treatment of the whole person. Too often the healthcare system turns to pharmaceuticals as their first option to treat isolated symptoms, without taking the time to discover the root causes of those symptoms. As Naturopathic Doctors our goal is to find the root cause to any ailment.

We can aid with many different health concerns to help you start on the path toward optimal health: 

~ Acute Concerns

~ ADD/ADHD/Autistic Disorders

~ Addictions

~ Allergies and Sensitivities

~ Andropause/Men's Health Concerns

~ Anxiety and Depression

~ Chronic Pain

~ Cardiovascular Concerns

~ Cholesterol Concerns

~ Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

~ Fatigue/Insomnia

~ Heartburn/GI Concerns

~ Hormone imbalance

~ Infertility

~ Premenstrual syndrome

~ Menopause

~ Sinus Pain/Infection

~ Skin Concerns

~ Vaccine counseling

~ Weight concerns

We offer a full range of services/modalities including: 

~ Amino Acid Protocols

~ Bioidentical Hormones

~ Botanical Medicine

~ Classical Homeopathy

~ Detoxification

~ Laboratory Testing

~ Hydrotherapy

~ Meditation counseling

~ Nutrition and Lifestyle Education

~ Pharmacy and Supplement Check

~ Sport Training

~ Guided Education

~ UNDA/Biotherapeutic Drainage

~ Weight Loss Options

~ Yoga therapy