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At home workouts-

Posted on March 17, 2020 at 1:47 PM Comments comments (228)
As we are being instructed to stay away from public places and gyms are being asked to be closed for the next 30 days.  I thought what better idea then to help keep people happy, healthy and fit. By adding some of my favorite At-Home workouts!  For some of these you might need some equipment but for others you do not!  So go out get some sunshine and do these in a park, in your back yard or in the comforts of your home.

Equipment I recommend having at home is: Exercise Ball, A workout Band and maybe some light Dumbbells (or heavy if you want!).  You can order many of these from Amazon if you don't have them.
As always do what your skill level is able to do!

Dr Kat

At home upper body day 1: 
Equipment needed: BAND
Push ups
Band Chest Flys
Band shoulder press
Band Tricep kick-back
Band Bicep Curl
Band Shoulder front raise
Band side raises
Band bent over row

At home leg workout day 2:
Equipment needed: NONE
Alternating lunges
Standing body weight squats
Chair squats
Low side squats
Walking lunges Low and High

At home Core workout day 3:
Equipment needed: NONE
Sit ups
Side crunches
Plank (30sec-1 min)
Repeat 3-4 times

At home upper body day 4:
Equipment needed: DUMBBELLS
Chest press laying down
Standing bent over single arm row
Bent over back fly
Laying down chest fly
Tricep extensions
Alternating DB curls

At home leg workout day 5:
Equipment needed: BAND and step-stool
Band Single Leg Press
Seated Band Leg extensions (single)
Seating Band Leg Curl (single)
Standing Calf raises
Bulgarian Split squats

At home Core workout day 6:
Equipment needed: EXERCISE BALL
Ball crunches
Ball Oblique crunches
Laying Ball Leg lifts
Leg raises (together or alternating)
Repeat 3-4 times