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Healing from the Inside Out

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Many who suffer from addictions feel lost and out of control. Natural medicine can offer many useful tools to help those who are in need of additional help. A great deal of research has shown that individuals suffering dependancy often suffer from a range of metabolic disorders such as hypoglycemia, hypoadrenal, hypothyrodism, vitamin B deficiency, mineral deficiency, liver malfunction, depression and anxiety. Other health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, hypoglycemia, and candida albicans are also common among drug addicts and alcoholics. When detoxing from an addiction, many people take up a different addiction such as sugar or caffeine, and this can be a case of the body trying to correct an underlying metabolic or neurotransmitter disorder itself.

The road to recovery can certainly be helped through excellent nutritional support, which can provide a solid foundation when trying to combat addictions whether you are detoxing from nicotine, prescription or recreational drugs. By addressing overall health in a holistic manner, the journey out of addiction can be made easier.

Addictive substances are poisons and the body has to draw upon it's nutrient reserves to try and deal with the substance. The immune system and internal organs such as the kidneys and liver will be damaged through the use of any type of substance, and these require the correct nutrients for healing to occur. This is all compounded by the fact that addicted persons often neglect a proper diet, resulting in severe nutritional deficiencies from all of these factors. So the person is left with systemic organ and immune damage and a severely depleted nutritional status.

There is also research that shows addictive behaviors are physiologically caused by an imbalance in the brains neurotransmitters. Dr Peterson spent a one year primary internship with Dr Martin Milner who has done extensive research and countless years of clinical work with helping to rebalance the neurotransmitters in the brain using nutrition and supplements.